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Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain

natural remedies for shoulder pain

Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain

There are millions of Americans all around the world that suffer from pain on a daily basis. Pain can target pretty much every area of the body, including the legs, back, and arms. All pain is very annoying, and it can all become debilitating at some point or another. However, you should realize that shoulder pain is more frustrating than many of the alternative scenarios. With shoulder pain, there is a good chance that you’ll have difficulty holding down a job and performing many mundane tasks.

The good news is that you do not have to struggle through life with shoulder pain. There are ways to rectify the problem and diminish the suffering to some degree. Below, you will discover useful natural remedies for shoulder pain that you should give a try today!

1. Apply Ice

As you’ve probably already figured out, ice can be utilized to calm sore muscles. When you’re suffering from muscle pain, you should try icing it. The ice can help in numerous ways. For starters, the ice will be able to help alleviate the inflammation. Often, the inflammation is responsible for decreasing your mobility. Swelling around the joints can make it very difficult to move your limbs. The inflammation may also be the cause of the pain.

Just be very careful when icing your joints. Make sure that you do not apply the ice directly to the skin, as this could cause problems. Instead, wrap the ice in a cloth to prevent it from making direct contact with your skin. The ice can help to dull the shoulder pain, but you should apply it cautiously to avoid skin damage.

2. Use a Hot Compresses

While you’re at it, you should consider using hot compresses to dull the shoulder pain. Heat works similarly to ice, but it is best to stick with heat if it has been 48 hours since the injury occurred. Heat will be able to help dull the pain, while simultaneously reducing the swelling and inflammation. If you have access to an electric heating pad, you should consider using it. If not, you can quickly make your own. Just grab a Zip Lock bag and fill it with hot water. Then, apply it to the impacted shoulder.

Alternatively, you may want to take a shower in hot water. A trip to the sauna or steam room will also be very beneficial.

3. Drink Grape Juice

There is a pretty good chance that you have grape juice at home. Who doesn’t love grape juice? It is downright delicious and very affordable. If you have grape juice sitting around at home, you should consider using it to quell your pain. Surprisingly, grape juice is considered to be an excellent remedy for joint pain, especially in the shoulder area. If you want to get the most out of the grape juice, you need to mix it with liquid pectin. This chemical is known to aid the recovery of muscle tissues, while also improving their elasticity.

By mixing grape juice and Pectin, you will be able to reduce that annoying inflammation, while also giving the muscles and tissue the nutrients needed to repair themselves.

4. Consume More Fatty Acids

Fatty acids, such as Omega 3, are commonly found in fish. Not only is fish delicious, but it could also help you remain healthy. These compounds are incredibly crucial for protecting your joints. They’ll help keep the joints supple, while also firming the tissues. At the same time, Omega 3 and other fatty acids can help reduce pain and stiffness. In return, this will allow you to move a little more freely. Suffice to say; Omega 3 is essential for maintaining good overall joint health.

If you’re not a fan of fish, you can easily find Omega 3 supplements. Either option will work exceptionally well!

5. Try out Turmeric

Turmeric is another good choice for people suffering from joint pain. This spice is readily available and surprisingly affordable. On top of that, it has been utilized throughout the centuries for numerous purposes. One of its most popular uses is reducing pain and inflammation. Even today, experts believe the turmeric is one of the overall best natural remedies for inflammation and joint pain. If you’re suffering from shoulder pain, you should look no further than turmeric.

6. Get some Massage Therapy

While shoulder pain is not often associated with a severe underlying condition, it can be very bothersome. People who suffer from frequent shoulder pain will desire instant relief in any form. Yes, pain relievers and muscle relaxants work great, but they both have a high addictive rate, which is why many people are looking for safer alternatives.

Massage therapy works great for joint and muscle pain associated with disorders, disease, and injuries. However, it is never a good idea to seek out treatment from unlicensed therapists, because they may not be sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced in massage therapy. If treatment is applied incorrectly, it can do more damage than good, especially when it involves deep muscle tissue.

The massage therapist will dig deep into the muscle tissue to help relax, stretch and loosen the tight muscle. The technique improves blood flow to the injured or damaged muscle tissue, which in turn will reduce inflammation, stiffness, and soreness. While you may not receive instant pain relief, the affected muscle will be more flexible and less painful.

7. Getting a Genuine Diagnosis Will Help

Shoulder pain can be related to a wide range of conditions, including a torn rotator cuff, arthritis, torn cartilage, injuries, swollen bursa and frozen shoulder. With this said, it will be nearly impossible to properly treat your shoulder pain without the proper diagnosis. You can spend hours resting and icing the affected shoulder to no avail if you do not know the source of the pain.

Whether you are treating your shoulder pain with an over-the-counter pain reliever, prescription medication or all-natural treatment, you may not experience relief. The underlying issue could be related to a serious injury or condition, which cannot be treated with medications or natural treatments.

Once you receive your diagnosis and the physician gives you the okay to utilize all-natural treatments, it will be time to start researching. There is a wide array of natural treatment options that work great for relieving and eliminating shoulder pain.

If your symptoms persist after trying a natural remedy, consult your healthcare professional.

Have you successfully used any other natural remedies for shoulder pain? Share them in the comments section below!

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