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Natural Remedies for Anxiety

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Everyone is prone to experience different levels of anxiety. Whatever the cause, it’s helpful to know that there are natural remedies for anxiety available as an alternative to prescription drugs. The effects will vary with some providing instant relief while others are more preventative in nature. You’ll want to see which is the most effective for you!

5 Natural Remedies for Anxiety: Find Relief the Natural Way

1. Drink a Cup of Chamomile Tea

When anxiety strikes, drink a cup of hot tea to help calm your nerves. Chamomile is one of the most popular varieties of tea known for relaxation. Chamomile herb—specifically its flowers—is known to have calming properties (when it’s dried up) that give relief to conditions such as tension, stomach upset, and sleeplessness.

2. Try a Few Cups of Green Tea

Green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which helps control blood pressure and reduce anxiety. About 5 cups of green tea will give you an ample amount of L-theanine that’s enough to calm you down and get you back in-focus.

3. Have Some Valerian Tea Before Sleeping

Valerian is another great alternative remedy for anxiety and sleeplessness. Try a cup of hot Valerian tea before bed for its sedative effects. Since Valerian is not as fragrant as chamomile or other herbs, some people prefer taking Valerian capsules, because of its unpleasant smell. You can also combine Valerian with other herbs, such as lemon balm or chamomile.

4. Eat Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides you with energy for the day. Not having proper nutrition to sustain you throughout the day will only intensify any feelings of anxiety. Whenever possible, include egg in your breakfast. Egg contains choline, which is an essential nutrient our body needs to boost our mood.

5. Practice Meditation

Meditation is widely used to effectively release stress and tension from our body. According to the American Psychological Association, “people with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns.” Meditation helps to control negative and stressful thoughts through effective breathing, relaxing your muscles, and focusing your mind.

Watch this video from Andrew Johnson for other natural remedies for anxiety!

The next time you have an anxiety attack, remember these natural remedies you can try before resorting to prescription medication. They are easy to do and are readily available. Plus, they’re all-natural!

Do you know any other natural remedies for anxiety? Share them in the comments section below!

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