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7 Ways to Cure Insomnia

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Looking for alternative insomnia cures? There are natural ways to counteract insomnia, but first, we need to know what causes your insomnia — is it psychological or a certain physical condition? Psychological causes are behavioral aspects like poor sleeping habits, stress from work, or anxiety. Physical causes deal with conditions like nasal allergies, gastrointestinal problems such as reflux, arthritis, asthma, or even lower back pains. Now that you know what causes your insomnia, you can learn how to effectively deal with it.

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 1. Reduce your stress

Ideally, an hour before going to bed, try to get rid of any electronic devices and relax by reading books or journaling. The evolution of technology has brought with it some advantages and disadvantages, and one disadvantage is it keeps us busy until we are already in bed. It is better to go back to the basics of reading books and journaling instead of going over your phone or even checking your email from work.

2. Change your diet

If you consume too much sugar and carbs, your body needs to burn them up, which eventually gives you a warmer feeling. This phase prevents you from sleeping comfortably. Before going to bed, control your urge to eat any sugar or carbohydrates. It is also good to consume foods rich in magnesium and potassium, such as avocado or bananas. These foods help you relax your body and in turn, let you have a good night’s sleep.

3. Change your lifestyle

Make your bed as comfortable as possible and regulate the temperature of your room to your desired level. Make sure to leave work and leisure outside the bedroom and make it your resting place without any distractions. It is also advisable to take a hot bath before going to bed. Taking a hot shower or bath relaxes and soothes your muscles giving you a better chance of sleeping soundly in no time.

4. Try deep meditation

Deep meditation has been practiced by many people as a means to relax the body and create inner peace. It has been found to give the body deep rest. Deep rest builds up the body over time, giving you the benefit of a better chance of sleeping comfortably.

5. Try light therapy

Reducing the lights before going to bed helps in the production of melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found office workers who got more natural light exposure slept about 46 minutes longer per night than their colleagues without windows.

6. Begin cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy also known as CBT-I, involves the learning of new approaches to thoughts and behaviors that affect sleeping patterns. A 2014 study found an hour’s worth of talk therapy helped 73 patients improve their sleep quality, while another study found 86 percent of patients experienced reduced insomnia.

7. Boost relaxation with aromatherapy

The scent of lavender is known to boost feelings of calmness and relaxation, eventually helping you sleep comfortably. Research shows aromatherapy using lavender has been proven to gradually relax the nervous system, and in turn promotes good quality sleep for those with sleep disorders like insomnia.


Want to know more about alternative insomnia cures? Watch this video from Dr. Josh Axe:

The insomnia cures mentioned in this article are just a few tips that can help you fight sleepless days and nights. These are simple ways to get through your sleep problems without the use of medication.

Do you think these simple insomnia cures can help you sleep better? Please let us know what you think by leaving us your comments below.

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